Your Next Great Stock: How to Screen the Market for Tomorrows Top Performers

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Take a look at the chart of Align Technology, Inc. ALGN shown below:. Source: Mapsignals. Over my many years of pouring through data, I've found that the best stocks out there have three main attributes investors should be aware of: great fundamentals , great technicals and unusual institutional trading activity. Having those three traits combined makes a MAP signal. Each bar is a bullish signal created by combining these three essential qualities. The gray shaded area is the lookback period in our dataset.

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The first quality a stock needs to have to be great is a strong grounding in fundamentals. This should be intuitive because, if it's a good business, shareholders should get rewarded. There are countless fundamental data points out there, but there are two fundamental attributes that consistently reveal themselves in great stocks: growing sales and growing earnings. There is no magical threshold here, but being logical: if a company wins new business year after year while managing its costs, it is likely sitting on a strong foundation. My personal preference is to look for double-digit annual sales and earnings growth.

Source: www. The second quality a great stock should have is great technicals over the long term.

In plain English, the stock should be trending higher and making new highs. The best companies out there tend to have the best charts as well. As the company performs well fundamentally, the chart will reflect those positives in higher stock prices. We believe that many of the smartest institutional investors in the world can spot the best stocks out there before anyone else, and we want to be along for the ride. We believe that our method stacks the odds of success in our favor and exploits these footprints over time. We want to spot these signs without having to sit on an institutional trading desk.

An easy way to conceptualize how we find these signals is that we try and measure how a stock is trading relative to its price action. We look at many different relationships between volumes and price that can indicate when a position in a stock is being taken. Easily and unobtrusively share reminders about upcoming sessions, agenda changes, event highlights, and local information such as weather forecasts. A custom wallboard, or information radiator, designed for everyday use in an office. This effect is sometimes known as projected reality, digital decorating, or virtual 3D projection because it can give the illusion of 3D projection without the need for viewers to wear 3D glasses.

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Projected reality works extremely well for spooky Halloween scenes since they usually feature translucent or shadowy figures and are intended to be shown in dimly-lit areas. Dozens of DVDs with pre-recorded scenes are available for purchase and even allow for some customization.

Project the scenes directly onto walls and surfaces, or mount a rear-projection screen in a window for outdoor viewing. Sync music and sound effects with your animations to provide guests with a truly haunting experience. Meeting Tomorrow provides projection equipment , as well as advanced 3D projection services.

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Call to learn more about our nationwide projector rentals. Get event technology news, trends and tips delivered straight to your inbox every month. Subscribe Today Get event technology news, trends and tips delivered straight to your inbox every month. First Name. Last Name. Experienced mining and metals leader. Contributing insightful points of view to the market around productivity and digital.

Trusted tax advisor focused on the mining and metals industry. Corporate strategist with experience across the globe. Team leader passionate about developing a business understanding. T o truly achieve a sustainable productivity improvement, we believe that an integrated end-to-end business transformation is required, and that can be accomplished only through a mine-to-market approach.


Listening to the sector helped us understand the specific steps miners can take to significantly reduce the integration gap. During the super cycle, productivity fell to its lowest rate in more than 30 years, with the sector focusing on production at any cost because of an unprecedented boom in commodity prices. Productivity has been the number one operational risk for mining companies for the past three years.

Many of the mining executives we interviewed observed a decline in productivity levels as their operations expanded. This was primarily due to the challenge of managing complexity, compounded by the talent challenge, and lack of appropriate skills development. While mines were scaled up to maximize production, mine managers were not provided with the tools to manage this increased complexity.

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The scale of these larger mines and the related complexity resulted in an increased pressure on the functional departments to manage these burgeoning workforces. A silo mentality has crept into the management of mining companies. So why has the sector not placed much emphasis on it?

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Data indicates that asset productivity has barely changed over this time, and this appears to be the hardest area for the mining sector to increase productivity. So we looked at how the leading industries, such as manufacturing, have gone about solving this issue.

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  • Having a manufacturing mindset can lead to significant productivity and value creation, which in turn helps close the integration gap. However, mining is not a factory, as there is far more variability than a factory environment. Factors such as weather, ore body knowledge, work conditions and quality of people all impact variability. But it is possible to reduce it to a more manageable level and improve long-term productivity.

    Process models enable you to be more agile, and with this, the management of variability becomes simpler. A process model is an enabler that can be implemented either independently or with technology. Effective implementation of technology is slow in the sector, and the industry is poorly rated for digital intensity.